Custom Post Type XML for Mineweb

We recently got a project from a good friend of ours Rob Smith from He wanted to have a custom post type xml sitemap for his gold investing website.

The main problem was that by default wordpress shows categories in the sitemap.xml, but when you have a large number of posts and pages along with categories, it becomes a big mess.

We divided the whole page into four main categories, the same as the website is divided.

Those four categories are: precious metals, bitcoin, buying gold and investing. Instead of keeping the default structure, we forced a rewrite for the sitemap according to these four main categories. Under these categories for lets say buying gold… we then further categorized the content by author and then by date.

Furthermore we programmed the newly created xml to have the option to toggle on/off:

  • author pages
  • posts
  • attachments
  • custom taxonomies

This made it a lot easier for rss reader to read the content.

This is the final result of the post_type xml sitemap for

mineweb gold investing custom xml sitemap

You can see that the overall design and flow is a lot cleaner…. Rob was surprised by our work and couldn’t thank us enough.

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