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WAP Proof - professional WAP emulator
This Windows-based tool emulates WAP browsers of several mobile devices and allows to view the source code of mobile pages, WML context, cookies, HTTP traffic, etc. The emulator supports WML, XHTML Mobile Profile, HTML and cHTML. The use of the tool is free for a limited period of 15 days.

Type: WAP  #Views: 1667  Category: Tool    

Tips & tricks: WAP browsers and simulators
Applications operating over wireless communication networks use an industrywide set of specifications known as the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). It defines protocols in transport, session, and application layers. The markup language used to develop these applications is called Wireless Markup Language (WML). Because you want to develop effectively, you need to include testing. Let's first take a look at where we can find the tools to test WML development.

Type: WAP  #Views: 2386  Category: TipsAndTricks    

WAP and WEB TV redirect
This top lines inserted in index.php preserves the same URL to WAP, WEB TV or traditional browsers users. Example: Instead of , and ,all users goes to with any browser and be redirected to correct patch.

Type: WAP  #Views: 3030  Category: Example    

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, and is a set of specifications for developing web-like applications that run over wireless networks.

Type: WAP  #Views: 2602  Category: FAQ    

Wireless Application Protocol
The WAP protocol is the leading standard for information services on wireless terminals like digital mobile phones, or similar handheld devices. WAP was originally introduced in June 1997, and was developed by the founding members of the WAP Forum -- Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Unwired Planet.

Type: WAP  #Views: 1770  Category: Resource    

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Date example
In this example, Date.jsp is accessed by the mobile client (the Nokia WAP simulation client) and displays the current date and time in the client display. Date.jsp is based upon the ShowDate.jsp page of the JSP examles.

Type: WAP  #Views: 2625  Category: Example    

WAP and ColdFusion
Developing WAP applications in ColdFusion means using ColdFusion's many powerful features in the creation of WML decks sent to a microbrowser. It's important to approach this chapter with a firm foundation in WML. Please be sure to read previous chapters about using WML, especially matters regarding user interface design, limited information presentation, etc.

Type: WAP  #Views: 1812  Category: Resource    

Package examples.wap
The examples in this package illustrate how to access JSPs and Servlets from a mobile client using the Nokia WAP Server as a WAP gateway. The examples demonstrate how to generate dynamic Wireless Markup Language (WML) content, serve up static WML documents, as well as use the Nokia WAP Server to convert HTML documents to WML documents.

Type: WAP  #Views: 1797  Category: Example    

Entrust Certificate Services
This document describes how to configure the Nokia WAP server v1.0 to let mobile terminals (wireless clients) obtain and install the locally hosted Entrust WAP Root certificate. For security reasons the locally hosted root certificate is the preferred method of implementation.

Type: WAP  #Views: 1696  Category: Resource    

Introduction to WAP
The WAP protocol was designed to show internet contents on wireless clients, like mobile phones.

Type: WAP  #Views: 1641  Category: Resource    

WinWAP - Mobile Internet browser and technology
The mobile Internet and new multimedia services require browser technology that has been designed for that particular purpose. With 2.5G and upcoming 3G mobile phones that include WAP browsers and Multimedia messaging capabilities these services have become everyday technology for a large portion of people, and more are learning about these every day.

Type: WAP  #Views: 1769  Category: Tool    

WAP Order entry system.
This pages show an example of an Order Entry system using the WAP technology (Wireless Application Protocol ). Please refer to the Nokia Web site or the WAP forum site for detailed information on this topic.

Type: WAP  #Views: 2153  Category: Example    

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