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VoiceXML Language Samples

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 754  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Architecture
An concise article examplifying VoiceXML from A-Z.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 770  Category: Article    

Map Telecom is specialized in voicexml hosting. Our platform is a certified voicexml 2.0 platform. Our Voxbuilder ODE is completely free, you can test it and develope your application on it. At every stage of your project we can help you with developper package, demo package and live package. We have phone numbers in Europe and the US, our platform is multi-languages and support ASR and TTS. For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1423  Category: Website    

European Voice Hosting
Leading European VoiceXML Hosting company. Online tools, certified VoiceXML 2.0 platform, geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers throughout Europe. Developer packages for testing and demos available, flexible prices for live services. Carrier-grade hosting environment. Contact [email protected]

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1435  Category: Resource    

VocomoVoice® Studio 2.0
Ideal desktop environment for the IVR application developer. Makes VoiceXML testing and debugging a snap. Perfect for pre-deployment tests and usability tests.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1698  Category: Tool    

Voicent Gateway
Voicent Gateway is ideal for developing desktop voice applications such as the Voicent Messenger Personal Version. These Applications can also use the same Voicent Gateway so people in the same office can share the same telephone line. Voicent Gateway extends the boundaries of business and the web by enabling rapid design and deployment of voice applications. Based on the Open VoiceXML standard, Voicent Gateway enables interactive voice access to the web and enterprise systems from any telephone.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1714  Category: Tool    

VoiceXML Visibridge
Visibridge specializes in cost-effective VoiceXML technology for the voice, web and wireless world. Offerings include IVR development tools, turnkey systems and hosting services based on W3C open standards.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 2043  Category: Tool    

Audium 3
Audium 3 is industry leading voice application software that combines the standards of VoiceXML with the packaged services that are essential for serious IVR applications. A complete solution, Audium 3 provides a full set of tools to help developers quickly build consistent, high quality voice applications, as well as a robust framework to create, deploy, and manage the full lifecycle of large multi-application voice projects.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 2838  Category: Tool    

VoiceXML Platform Software
The heart of any Plum system is our VoiceXML Interpreter. In essence, the interpreter serves as a browser for VoiceXML applications, processing tag instructions during each phone call. This high-efficiency, W3C-compliant VoiceXML 2.0 Interpreter offers best-in-class DTMF (touchtone) support and various speech plugins.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1672  Category: Tool    

Speech Applications Voice New Strengths
Companies that want to broaden the range of features in telephony-based applications now have more options through speech recognition, but the new technology will require the development of greater levels of expertise. With Version 2.1 of VXML (Voice XML), the World Wide Web Consortium is about to standardize a number of improvements that consolidate several common vendor implementations of features that previously weren't inside the scope of VXML. This will allow developers to build more robust applications and handle exceptions more effectively. Version 2.1 of VXML is currently under final review by the W3C (

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1457  Category: Article    

Building VoiceXML Dialogs
Until fairly recently, the web has primarily delivered information and services using visual interfaces, on computers equipped with displays, keyboards, and pointing devices. The web revolution had largely bypassed the huge market of customers of information and services represented by the worldwide installed base of telephones for which voice input and audio output provided the primary means of interaction.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 2704  Category: Article    

Look Ma Bell - No Hands!
The emerging world without wires has fostered a growing number of small and mobile devices (everything from PDAs to smart phones) capable of accessing data and running applications. The trouble is, while devices are getting smaller, human hands and fingers are not.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1573  Category: Article    

Last Call: VoiceXML 2.1
The Voice Browser Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft of the Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.1. Fully backwards-compatible with VoiceXML 2.0, the draft standardizes eight additional features implemented by VoiceXML platforms.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1410  Category: Article    

Tomorrow's Web Today
Ten to midnight -- it's your partner's birthday tomorrow, and you've forgotten their gift! Suddenly, a thought comes to mind: she's always wanted to see a musical in the big city. "Barry," you say, for that is the name of your web agent, "buy two tickets for Cats in London for tomorrow." A short pause, then Barry responds: "Please confirm; Cats the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, in London the capital of the UK?" "Correct," you reply. "Understood." The next morning a print-out awaits your attention, comprising a receipt for your tickets and a map with directions to the theatre.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1333  Category: Article    

Term of the Week: SALT
The SALT (Speech Application Language Tags) specification pairs speech with HTML, XHTML, and XML. The specification boasts a 70-member consortium of backers including industry heavyweights Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel. The group submitted SALT 1.0 to the W3C. SALT is not a W3C standard, though. SALT was submitted to the W3C's Voice Browser working group, which will consider it as a part of the next VoiceXML standard. This article will touch on the SALT/VoiceXML relationship again near the end.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 2839  Category: Article    

VoiceXML & Instant Messaging
When I'm at the airport and my flight is cancelled, I call my travel agent who gives me travel alternatives. But copying down new itineraries—flight numbers, confirmation numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers—can require several frantic minutes of repetition and scribbling. However, if my travel agent could send me instant messages, the interaction would be quite different. Instant messages would help me decipher complicated lists of choices. When we finished, instant messages would contain my entire itinerary.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1433  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Language Reference—Part 1
Learn the entirety of VoiceXML from the perspective of its Document Type Definition (DTD). You will begin with a brief overview of the language, moving into an examination of each individual language element type.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1481  Category: Article    

VoiceXML language reference—Part 2
Get all the necessities of VoiceXML, beginning with a brief overview of the structure of the language. You will see several abstract element types that will be used as a shorthand as you examine each language element type individually.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1434  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Language Reference—Part 3
Continue your study of the VoiceXML language with more language elements. You will visit aspects of the language from "phoneme" to "vxml."

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1417  Category: Article    

VoiceXML Forum
The VoiceXML Forum is an industry organization established to promote VoiceXML as the universal standard for speech-enabled Web applications.

Type: VoiceXML  #Views: 1370  Category: Resource    

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