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Below you will find some of the Favorite pics of the head geek, some of them go way back....

Picture Description
This picture was from a trip to Europe(Prague, Czech Republic to be exact).  Do not ask me why  dragged a full size cut-out of Austin Powers with me.  I suppose that it was a bad idea that seemed good at the time. Eventually, we went to Germany to do some rock climbing and left him with some friends that we big Austin Powers fans.
This picture was from after watching the Blue Man Show on a trip to Vegas.  If you have never seen the Blue Man Group, I highly recommend that you check them out.  Very cool! You may have seen them on various Intel Commercials.
Having a good time, drinking some Red Stripes with friends.
  A great halloween as a garbage can while working for the City ofPembroke Pines a long, long time ago.  It was a good thing that Halloween did not fall on garbage pick-up day. 
  Hanging with the homies at a Rap party.  I was actually quite happy, but just trying to look the part.
  Another halloween photo with me and some friends as S&Ms.  S&Ms are M&Ms with a really bad attitude.  Naturally, I am dressed as the green M&M.
  Well, this is the last Halloween  photo.  Another photo as me dressed like a Pepsi can.  The funny thing about this costume (not seeming too funny at the time) was that when I created this costume, I overlooked one small aspect, I did not cut holes for my arms.  I realized the problem with the costume when I went dancing with my girlfriend later that night and fell down the stairs. (It would have been nice to hold on to the railing. )
  Okay, this is the last halloween photo.  This pic was taken at Interim Healthcare's Halloween party.  Apparently Halloween is a big deal at Interim and they shut the company down for the entire day while different departments pick a theme and compete against each other.  Our theme was "Saturday Night Live".  Do you remember those "Willllld and craaaazy guys"?
  This photo may appear to be a picture of me beating up on some little kid in table tennis.  The kid, in fact, won.  I believe that he is really satan disguised as a 6 year old kid.  The photo is from a last years  US Open table tennis competition.
Fans of "The Office"
Dwight Bobbleheads are here!
  “It's me! I'm the bobblehead! Yes!”

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